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Scandinavian Airlines decided to have a new Airbus A319 painted in a “retro” livery. Strong media interest in the project led SAS to hire 3D-Aviation to create stunning 3d generated air to air images of the Airbus A319 months before its arrival. A teaser video was also produced to generate interest inside the company about the new member of the fleet.

Scandinavian Airlines also hired 3D-Aviation to help produce video training for another aircraft that had not yet been delivered: the Airbus A340. For that story, listen to the words of Tom Zøllner, Manager of SAS Multimedia Group:

"In connection with the introduction of the Airbus A340, Scandinavian Airlines decided to produce a safety awareness video of the aircraft for the ramp personnel. A new aircraft always creates new safety problems, so the request was quite natural. However, the video had to be finished prior to the arrival of the first A340. How could we video record on an aircraft that hadn't arrived yet?"

"We chose 3D-Aviation to animate the aircraft in true color and show the components most important from a safety perspective. The footage was combined with footage of real aircraft shot at another airline (and in tight closeup so as not to reveal the airline's identity). Camera angles in the animation were optimized to match those in the real footage. Also, the computer generated model enabled us to move quickly from one location to another."

"The result was above our expectations. Sometimes even we could not identify the transitions between the real and simulated aircraft. The computer generated model enabled us to deliver spectacular camera angles and elegant transitions and finish the video production prior to delivery of the first Airbus A340."

"Success breeds success; later the same year we used the same process for the introduction of our A321. Once again the results exceeded our expectations."