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Naverus provides GPS-based navigation technology called RNP which can significantly reduce fuel usage, aircraft emissions and noise impacts by enabling aircraft to fly shorter, more precise paths and use lower thrust settings at takeoff and landing. Airservices Australia, Australia's government-owned air traffic management organization, wanted to work with Naverus to produce a video that would explain how these benefits would result from implementing RNP at Brisbane Airport.

Having already utilized 3D-Aviation expertise on earlier computer graphics projects, Naverus knew that 3D-Aviation's realistic 3d generated graphics, combined with their extensive technical knowledge about airline operations, would be critical to successfully depicting RNP operations in the video.

Illustartions for Flight International

3D-Aviation worked effectively as part of a larger team that included the Naverus marketing department, their advertising agency, and a video editing studio. Woven throughout the Brisbane Green Project video, computer generated graphics created by 3D-Aviation told a compelling story while providing easy-to-grasp visual explanations of RNP's technical details. 3D-Aviation also conceived and executed the graphics for the closing credits, demonstrating their creative versatility. Naverus continues to give away the video on DVD at promotional events as well as offering it for download on its Web site.

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