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When Jetbird were about to prepare PR and Marketing related imagery they had their comprehensive Corporate Identity manual and a drawing of their upcoming aircraft – the Embraer Phenom 100. It would take months before the actual aircraft was ready in a Jetbird livery.

Jetbird chose 3D-Aviation to make all their aircraft imagery for their website, advertising and worldwide presentations. 3D-Aviation made a detailed 3D model of the Phenom 100 aircraft in Jetbird livery. With this 3D model 3D-Aviation made several 3d aircraft images where some had to be mixed with different environments and people. A video production describing the Jetbird services and features of the Phenom 100 jet with fully realistic air to air scenes was also made.

See the 3d generated images and the video production at

"3D-Aviations expertise and perfection to detail have been noted by many who have witnessed their work on our behalf over the last 5 months.  We at Jetbird now utilise 3D aviation as a sounding board for many of our “ideas” and our entire imagery and video production rests safely in the hands of their gifted team."