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Finnair had a commercial which featured air to air scenes with an MD-11 in old livery. Finnair was happy with this commercial but wanted to feature their new aircraft livery. 3D-Aviation replaced the old scenes not only with updated aircraft liveries but with a visual style that exactly matched the desires of Finnair-all for a cost of approximately 15% of that of real air to air filming. Finnair also received amazing, 3d generated high resolution air to air images of the MD-11 for marketing and press and advertising use.

A few years later, Finnair got their first Airbus A340-300 aircraft. On short notice, they needed photoreal images and air to air video for a Oneworld Alliance promotional presentation. Within a week, 3D-Aviation delivered the 3d video promotion and images required by the client.

New Finnair A330 livery, 3D aircraft images

In december 2010 Finnair changed aircraft livery and ordered 3d generated photos and promotional video clips for the reveal of the new color scheme. The day the reveal took place was an overcast and snowy day in Helsinki and photographing the new livery was nearly impossible. Luckily Finnair had 3D-Aviations photoreal images.